Works in Progress

Here's the brainstorming part of the site. I just have so many ideas, I need a place to share them! So get a load of what I'm dreaming up at the moment...

The Boogie Buddy!
Your dancing partner for life.

Back in the late 70's,  I had this dolly with elastic straps on her feet that I could stretch around my ankles and then dance with. I have re-created that dolly and given it new life as The Boogie Buddy. This all upcycled dancin' fool is about 4 feet high with different fabric front and back, tons of thick yarny hair and a hand-drawn face. You'll never have to sit one out when you've got a Boogie Buddy...!

* Order a Boogie Buddy right now!

Here's Mia dancing cheek-to-cheek with her Boogie Buddy. Attach the elastic around your ankles and if you want, stick their hands together with the velcro for extra snuggly dancing...


The Tie Skirt
Get all tied up.
You may have seen these before, or even made one yourself, but it's new to me, and I'm loving it!

I made this long version (pictured here) as well as a short little one that can be worn over a legging ot even as a strapless top. Each skirt has an elastic waistband so you can wear any side as the front!

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The mialeentje personalized banner
available in squares or triangular flags

I actually made this to hang up at my stand when I go to market, but it turned out too cute, so I decided to go ahead and offer it as one of my custom-made products!

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The mialeentje 'Sing it Like it is' album!
Songs about living, eating, drinking and going on the potty...

Even though I am a full-time Eco-mama, a part of me is also a rock star... Look, that's me and my husband, Roland, who is a musician/composer/arranger/studio technician.

Roland and I have been making beautiful music together as long as we've known each other and are now working on a compilation of kids' songs!

The album will be called 'Sing it Like it Is' with a bunch of fun tunes for kids and parents alike! It'll be available on a USB stick, in MP3 format, so you can put it right onto your iPod!

Here are some of the titles (two of the songs are actually online):
- It's My Birthday (a song about how being together is the best way to celebrate)
- The Digestion Song (a funky tune about what happens with the food and drink you put in your mouth)
- There's Nothing Like an Apple (even Newton agrees, it's the tastiest snack in history!)
- Wake Up and Dream (a lullaby)
- Lucy Locket (a poppy song inspired by the nursery rhyme)
- Any Day Now (a Celtic-inspired ballad about the days just before a new baby is born)
- Happy Birthday (an upbeat pop song about meeting the brand new baby)
- These are the Things I Wanna Do Instead (a song with lots of tempo changes - the title speaks for itself I think!)
- The Potty Song (we used this song for Mia's potty-training and it worked like a charm!)
- I Don't Feel Good Today (a jazzy/bluesy song about being sick, because it happens to everybody)
- I Got an Owie (a bluesy tune about getting hurt, because it also happens to everybody)
- I'm Gonna Move to the Forest (because I adore it more than the city or the plains...)
- My Bed (a place not only for sleeping but for having the best adventures...)

Check us out on YouTube,  or go to the site:

The Patchwork Dress 
You simply won't find a more co2-neutral garment anywhere else on the net!
It's spring time, which means it's time for spring cleaning.

I've spent the past few days cleaning out my studio, moving all the winter clothing and fabrics to the back to make room for the spring/summer stuff. It's so inspiring to see all those colorful cottons and jerseys! I found three baskets full of little bits and pieces of fabrics, too small to work into a garment, but too pretty to throw away, so...

...the patchwork dress was born!

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The Circle Tote
an upcycled circlular clutch
I love simple round shapes, and was inspired by my 'second chance' bib when I made this cute little upcycled circular tote!

It can carry just about everything an everyday diva might need...

* Order a circle tote or two right now!

Everlasting Pants
For kids who just won't stop growing...
These baggy pants are upcycled from soft stretchy materials with an elastic waistband, extra room in the back and extra long legs that can be worn hem-up or down.

Custom-made for both boys and girls!