June 30, 2010

It's Atrocious!

Okay, being on vacation should not be an excuse to totally and utterly neglect my blog, but it IS.

I justify myself daily, saying to myself things like: 'I only see my parents once a year! I can't be at their house, eat their food and use all their shampoo and then go and hide behind a computer!' And there are times when I very possibly could write something, only as soon as I crack open the laptop, the kids' radars get activated simultaneously and suddenly drop whatever they're breaking doing so they can turn their attention to tormenting me. And even though papa's pretty cool, and Grandma and Grandpa are awesome, I am their one and only mom, which essentially means the person they most prefer to make doing anything (including going to the bathroom) impossible.

So at this moment, I have found a window. It's a teeny one, since I already hear little voices and footsteps thundering towards me from across the house. I have a few seconds left! Let me say this: I love you all and have not forgotten you!
Have patience!
I will return!