August 09, 2013

Cleaning = Creating

Lo and behold - did you know, that when you clean up, you find yourself in possession a ton of new materials to make stuff with?!

This morning, I cleaned out our 'everything drawer'. Don't you have one of those? It's the drawer, typically found in or near the kitchen, that holds all the stuff you don't necessarily want to keep, but don't want to throw away either, and essentially don't what to do with. I'm talking about stuff like batteries, paper clips, buttons, boxes, odd change, wires, keys, screws, you name it... The cool thing about an 'everything drawer' is that no two are alike. Your 'everything drawer' is, like you, unique.

This is my 'everything drawer', and a bit of what I found in it:

Now, I faced a decision - toss, or not to toss, that was the question. Who made the decision for me? My son Bram, who is 5. Amongst the pile of stuff, he found a plastic whistle and a broken battery tester. He stuck them together and said - 'Hey Mama, this looks like a robot!' Well, say no more. Equipped with super glue, some wire and the contents of our 'everything drawer', we went to work.

Here's Bram, piecing his robot together before we glue it.
Here, Bram is deciding whether his robot walks, or flies... or both.
After piecing the parts together, super glue-ing and loads of laughs, we had not just one robot, but an entire robot family! We also had a clean 'everything drawer' and one less garbage bag to boot. A win-win situation, if ever I knew one.

Welcome to our house, robot family!
Live long (as long as the super glue holds out) and prosper!