The Ever-Changing Collection

Here is a selection ofmy ever-changing collection - to give you an idea of what I do and how my kooky brain works...
Here's Kristen wearing capri pants 'Vienna'. Her A-line top, also named 'Kristen', now has a home on Orcas Island. 

Bram has on 'Timothy', with jersey insets that looks great under a pair of overalls!

Kristen wearing A-line top 'Renske' and baggy pants 'Amber'.
'Renske' went to a wonderful new home in Japan recently.

 Femke loves going barefoot in mix-fabric dress 'Alyssa'.

Mia wearing A-line dress 'Rebecca' on her 3rd birthday!

Here's Kristen wearing three-layers dress 'Tamara', paired with a textile strips headband - the essential crown for the everyday diva...

Mia wearing roomy A-line top 'Jessica' over a legging.

Kristen wearing 'Betty' and 'Daisy' with a textile strips clip in her hair.

Kristen modelling the special little heart detail on 'Daisy'.

Merel is wearing pants-set 'China', which is now on sale...!

Kristen wearing the sporty skirt-set, 'Alexa'.

Besides clothes for 'everyday divas' and 'big little men', I've created some other fun stuff...

Upcycled half aprons for ladies (and gents!) Available in all different styles, one-sided or reversible. Great for entertaining, or just wearing over a pair of jeans.

Fun and funky bath hoodies make drying off a blast!

The lovable 'lumpy bump' critters are completely co2-neutral, upcycled from existing materials and stuffed with scraps!

Here's Bram sporting the 'second chance' bib, with an enormous pocket in front to catch otherwise wasted food!

I've also got the 'Cool to Drool' bib, which is the same shape but fashioned from super-cool denim.

Getting messy is even more fun in this pretty little heart apron with lacy trim and a little pocket in front.

A special thanks to my gorgeous models, Bram, Kristen, Femke, Mia and Merel!