Make it Yourself

I am a strong believer in making stuff and am dreaming up 'Make-It-Yourself' projects all the time:

Bug Legs
Halloween will be here in a matter of weeks, and raise your hand if you're going: 'What on earth is my kid going to dress up as this year'?! Not me! I'm makin' Bug Legs. Turn your kid into an awesome 6-legged bug, like a ladybug, or a dragonfly! Or add an extra set of legs to become an arachnid, like a spider! Spiders rock, as a matter of fact! They make super strong webs and eat flies and mosquitos, which we all hate. 

Here's how to make a super-simple and very awesome set of bug legs:

What you'll need:
- two or three pairs of tights
- scissors
- baby blankets or stuffing
- sewing machine 

Step 1:
Find some tights. If your kids are like mine, you've got about twenty pairs of tights lying around that are too small, or that have holes in the toes, or the knees. Grab two or three of them. Stripey ones are extra fun!
Step 2:
Snip off the legs of the tights, right below the crotch.
Then, cut the crotch part off, leaving just the elastic waistband.
Step 3:
Stuff the legs! You can use stuffing from the hobby store, but better yet, use what you have lying around the house! I found old baby blankets did the trick. Cut one baby blanket in half, roll it up and slide them into the tight legs.
Step 4:
You should now have either 4 (for a bug) or 6 (for a spider) 'stuffed' legs, and one elastic waistband.
Step 5:
Sew the legs onto the elastic waistband using the sewing machine.
Tip: To make sure you sew the legs on symmetrically:
4 legs: First sew one leg on either side of the waistband. Then turn the waistband a quarter and sew one leg on either side again.
6 legs: First sew one leg on either side of the waistband. Pin two legs on one side of the wiastband and sew them on, then do the same on the other side.
 Step 6:
 Add shoes on each of the legs.

Wear with a matching leotard or t-shirt, add a headband with feelers and you're done!

Tip:  Make little bug wings out of an old bra by cutting off the clasp part adjusting the shoulder straps. Slip the straps over your child's shoulders so the bra part is on his/her back ét voila! Cute little wings for your cute little bug!
* Example: Decorate a red bra with black felt dots for a ladybug!

The Everyday Diva Crown
Print the crown below, color it in, cut it out and tape it together and celebrate your party in style!                                                            

Holiday Crackers
Who says crackers are just for Christmas or New Year's? Why not make them for Easter, or as party favors? Now you can make a child-friendly version of the Christmas cracker yourself! (Seeing as I cringe at the idea of a balloon popping, I prefer without firecracker - all you have to do is cry out 'Cra-a-a-a-ack!' when you pull it! Guaranteed great fun for young and old!) They're fun, personal and so easy to make - here's how: 

You`ll need the following materials:
- a toilet paper tube
- a teeny little present that fits inside a toilet paper tube
- funky printed napkins
- little pieces of pretty paper
- ribbon
- tape    
- scissors

Find a little present to put into your holiday cracker, make sure it`s small enough to fit inside the toilet paper tube!
Wrap it up or put it into a pretty little bag.


Write your favorite joke or an inspiring quote on a pretty little piece of paper - one you already know and love, or a new one you just learned!


A cracker just isn`t a cracker without a crown!

Take one of the funky napkins and fold it in half.

Cut off about 3cm off one end for an adult-sized crown, and about 5cm for a childs` size.

Cut a zig-zag along the top.

Tape the ends together and tadaaa! you've got a Christmas cracker crown fit for a Queen (or a King, or a princess...or any monarch for that matter)!


Now, fold up the paper and the crown, and stuff it along with the little present inside the toilet paper tube. 

You can add some sweets or chocolates, if you want.

If you really want the firecracker effect, pick up some firecracker pullers at your local gag shop and stuff it in there too, making sure it's sticking out on either side of the toilet paper tube.


Place the toilet paper roll full of goodies on one of the funky napkins like in the picture.

Roll the tube up in the napkin and tie the ends up with pretty ribbons.

En voilà! Your Holiday Party cracker is done and ready for pulling!


Even when the cracker itself is opened and its contents devoured, the toilet paper tube can still provide hours of entertainment!